20 Ways to Rekindle Your Creative Spark

You’re working on a project for a client when suddenly, it’s gone…any inspiration you thought you once had is no longer insight and you have no idea how to  get your creative juices flowing again. Experiencing a creative wall can cause problems in your business and it’s critical to rekindle your creative spark, and fast! Some of the best ways to get inspired are some of the last things we think to do as designers. Use these innovative ideas to help get you out your creative rut and get back to business.


1.Stop and walk away. Whether your at your desk, in the studio, tucked away in a library nook, wherever. Just evacuate and get a change of scenery.


2. Express yourself with a different medium. Try creating something outside of design like cooking, photography, painting, etc.


3. Get on social media. There are some really great artists, designers, creatives you can find with a simple Instagram or Pinterest search. Visual inspiration is a great way to rekindle your creative spark.


4. Eat something delicious. Inspiration is everywhere, including our taste buds.


5. Take a nap. It’s hard to get motivated or inspired if your body is exhausted.


6. Read a book. Go to the library and pick up books from genres you don’t usually read. And of course, get plenty of books with lots of pictures.


7. Use your hands. Find a Pinterest project you’re interested in and get crafty.


8. Listen to music. Listen to your favorite songs. Listen to some nature sounds. Listen to a playlist you would never usually listen to.


9. Don’t listen at all. Taking in the silence can help spark a creative idea you didn’t know you had before.


10. Be one with nature. Go outside and smell the fresh air, listen to the earth, pick a flower – activate all your senses to trigger creative inspiration.


11. Play like a big kid. Get out your board games and invite friends over for a game night. Not only will you have fun playing games, but looking at the board game designs can help rekindle your creative spark.


12. Time travel. They say you can learn from the past, so look up some art history and look for inspiration in the evolution of design.


13. Change your perspective. Literally take whatever you’re working on and turn it upside down; change your angle.


14. Take a trip without a destination. Just drive and observe – sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination.


15. Look at magazines. So many inspiring images and typography…one of those pages are bound to rekindle your creative spark.


16. Doodle. When all else fails, go back to what you know: the pencil and sketchbook.


17. Talk about it. Call a friend and tell them about your creative struggles. You never know what they might say to rekindle your creative spark.


18. Create an inspiration board. Collect any images that inspire you and create a board to put everything in one place. See my inspiration board for my recent project, Aerial CLT.


19. Feng shui. Change up your workspace to shake things up a bit. Bringing fresh energy to your environment can definitely help rekindle your creative spark.


20. Just start over. Sometimes it’s not your creative spark that’s gone out, it’s just not a good idea. Scratch it and try going in a completely different direction, you’d be surprise where you could end up.


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What’s something different you do to rekindle your creative spark?


Ariana Nicole
  • I tend to either have too many ideas or no ideas at all, it’s never in between. So I tried out a new medium to jump start my creative process, went on a trip with no destination sight seeing , took an aromatherapy bath, took a nap and read books. They really helped a lot.

    October 21, 2016 at 5:47 pm

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