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Aerial CLT is a dance, yoga and circus arts studio based in Charlotte, NC. They’re a fun and interactive studio that offers a variety of classes for anyone looking for a new way to get fit. When starting this project, it was important that I incorporated the movements of aerial dance in the design. Watching the dancers in action brought specific words to mind such as graceful, fluid, energetic, peaceful and active. These words describe the exact emotions I wanted to communicate with the Aerial CLT brand.


To start the project, I pinned a variety of images I found on Pinterest that I felt visually described Aerial CLT. In the process of creating the mood board, I came up with a simple color palette to tie all the elements together and imagery that showcases the variety of shapes the dancers make when they move.

Aerial CLT Mood Board



Aerial CLT Mood Board


Once the mood board was complete, the next step was to create the logo design. Using the mood board as my inspiration, I created a logo that played off the idea of motion and fluidity, similar to the movements of the aerial dancers. The aerial hoop seems to play a big part in this time of dance, so I made sure to incorporate a circular theme in the logo and throughout the brand. Additionally, I created two variations of the primary logo, to give Aerial CLT some options with their mark. For example, the horizontal logo may look great on their website, but for promotional products such as flyers or workout gear, one of the logo variations will probably work best.


Aerial CLT Logo Design


Aerial CLT Logo Design


Once the logo and variations were complete, the next step was to create a functional website for Aerial CLT. Having an online system that allows customers to sign up from anywhere is a big contributing factor to the aerial dance business, so it was important to design a website that achieved just that. The web design focuses heavily on imagery to give new visitors a clear idea of what to expect when they sign up for classes at Aerial CLT. The scheduling system is very user-friendly, with the customer in mind, so signing up for classes is a breeze. And the circle theme is used heavily to reinforce the Aerial CLT brand.


Aerial CLT Web Design


Aerial CLT Web Design
Aerial CLT Web DesignAerial CLT Web Design

With the web design complete, I finished the project with a brand style guide to tie all the elements  of the project together, including logo variations, color palette, typography and visual inspiration.

Aerial CLT Brand Style Guide


Aerial CLT Brand Board


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