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Every year, my family throws a huge family reunion where we all come together to have fun and catch up with one another. This tradition was originally started back in 1977 by 4 Blount sisters named Mary Augusta, Anna Belle, Jannie and Estella. The 4 of them organized a huge cook out that brought everyone together. Since then the reunion has evolved into an annual weekend of activities where we eat, socialize and create lasting memories together. The Blount Newsome Sutton Freeman Family Reunion has been hosted in a variety of places all over the US including Raleigh, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Selma, Alabama and Queens, New York…just to name a few. This year marks the 40th anniversary for the reunion and to celebrate, I designed the BNSF Family website!



To kickstart the project, I created a brand style guide for BNSF Family. These guidelines serve as inspiration for the web design and I referenced the guide often while building the site. The style guide includes the logo, colors, typography and even a favicon and accent elements specifically for the website. Having all these elements organized in one place not only hastens my workflow but it also ensures the BNSF Family brand stays consistent beyond just the website. So other materials like flyers, banners, and invitations can be designed separately and still reflect the BNSF Family brand.


The logo design was inspired by a family tree or a diagram that shows the connection of people across several generations. The tree trunk is symbolic of the 4 Blount sisters with their roots firmly planted into the ground and their branches supporting the “tree leaves”, or family members.  The BNSF Family logo is designed to show the family history and give background on how were all connected. The logo is strong, unified and deep-rooted, setting the tone for the rest of the BNSF Family brand.


BNSF Website

Many family members rely on the BNSF Family website to stay in the loop about the reunion and upcoming events. It was important for the website to have a clear, concise layout and logical navigation. A simple and user-friendly design was key to making sure relatives can easily find the information they need. I also incorporated several call-to-action’s throughout the website to direct more attention to specific pages (such as the reunion registration page). There were years worth of family photos saved up, which turned out great for the web design. With these photos placed all throughout the website, visitors literally see the a face behind the BNSF Family brand. The family photos add a warm, welcoming touch to the website and reaffirm that the BNSF Family bond is loving, strong and unified. Just click here to explore the website for yourself.

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Ariana Nicole
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