A3C – Web Design

Music festivals are fun and exciting, similar to how I would describe my experience creating the A3C web design and logo. The A3C Music Festival is a hip hop conference where thousands of artists and djs come to perform and connect with the hip hop community. The festival is like a big “hip hop family reunion” where fans can come out and hear their favorite artists perform live over the course of 5 days! When thinking about the style of the brand and the A3C web design, certain words came to mind like “upbeat”, “engaging”, “music”, “energy”, “hip hop”, “edgy”. With these words in mind, I started a Pinterest board, collecting images that reflected the A3C’s branding style. Once I had around 20-30 pins, I narrowed the selection by choosing the top 10-15 that best matched the style for the A3C web design. Using these final images and adding in a few color swatches I arranged everything in a mood board.