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Did you love PE as a kid? Some of my fondest childhood memories were made when playing games like flag football, Red Rover, or simply running around having fun with other kids. When Shawnna Penn asked me to design a website for her business, I had instant nostalgia! Shawnna is the owner and lead specialist of Gym Class 4 You, an organization that provides fitness programs and recreational sports for special needs children. These sports programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each participant, and help promote high self-esteem, healthy self-image, and motor skill development. Shawnna believes children feel better about themselves and gain confidence when they engage in sports, dance and recreational activities; and with over 23 years of experience working with exceptional kids, I think it’s safe to say she knows what she’s talking about. Gym Class 4 You needed a website to inform parents about classes and make registration quick and easy (for both the parents and Shawnna). The web design also needed to reflect the overall feel of the brand: playful, inviting, and energetic. See how the project turned out below!


Color Palette:
A bright and lively color palette seemed most fitting for the Gym Class 4 You color scheme. The vibrant colors help the website look fun and kid-friendly. The ice pop orange, electric green and teal blue are engaging and help distinguish Gym Class 4 You from other competing businesses. The marble blue and concrete gray help tone down the palette and balance out the other colors. The color set is eye-catching and highly likely to grab the attention of children and parents with young kids. Individually, the colors are each bold enough to stand on their own, but together they work well as a set and compliment one another’s energy nicely.

Mood Board:
The mood board for Gym Class 4 You pairs imagery with the color palette above. It visually reflects the sensation of being happy, warm, dynamic and energized – everything one would imagine a special needs student would feel when performing fun gym class activities. Some of the imagery is pretty literal, such as the children playing and doing various recreational activities. Other images are more abstract and represent a deeper meaning behind the Gym Class 4 You brand. For example, the robin eggs nest is symbolic of watching over the young or “carefully guarding” the gym class students. The isolated marble in the group of marbles is symbolic of each child’s “uniqueness”. Lastly, I added the preexisting Gym Class 4 You logo to make sure it worked well with the other elements in the mood board. Here’s how it turned out:

Web Design:
It was important that the website was easy for Shawnna to update, so I used the Squarespace platform since it is user-friendly and has numerous customization options. I customized the template to match the feel of the brand and incorporated some of the mood board images throughout the website. The Gym Class 4 You website is energetic, playful, happy and it has everything parents need in one place, from gym class information to registration and payment. The new website gets kids excited, makes it easy for parents to sign up and helps Shawnna keep record of everything. Check out the Gym Class 4 You website for yourself!




Ariana Nicole
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