How Blogging Will Benefit Your Design Business

The other day I had coffee with a friend who was telling me about her plans to launch a business soon. As she was talking about the different products she wanted to sell, we came across the topic of blogging. Naturally, I got a little excited about this subject and was ready to chime in about all the benefits of blogging, when she quickly said:


“I wonder if blogging really makes a difference. I kinda think it’s a waste of time”.

A waste of time?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A blog can bring in so many benefits for a business, especially when it’s done the right way. Yes, it will require some time and obviously a lot of effort, but it’s totally worth it! Luckily, the more work you invest into your blog, the higher your benefits are from it. Blogging will benefit your freelance business, no matter what type of design you create so read on to see why you should join the blog community!


Blogging will benefit your design business because it helps build a strong online presence. Blog posts increase the number of pages on your website, and gives your visitors more content to click through while increasing the chances of your site coming up in a Google search. Consistently publishing new blog content and using the proper SEO practices can really improve search results and site traffic. The more visitors you push to your site, the more likely you are to gain clients. Having an online presence will also give you more (and hopefully interesting) things to talk about on social media. Every blog topic is something new to discuss or share with your followers and push traffic back to your site. The more visits you get, the more likely you are to build clientele for your design business.


Blogging allows you to show off your expertise about your design business. There are all different types of designers out there, so what better way is there to show clients you are qualified to own a design business than to digitally publish everything you know about it? Writing blog content does more than just prove you know your stuff, it lets readers know you are dedicated to what you do. Building a solid blog with quality content takes time and hard work – it will be evident to your readers how much effort you put into your blog and the type of work effort you put into your design work.


Blogging forces you to continue learning and keep up with your design industry. There’s always something new to learn, especially for designers. When you blog, you should keep up with what’s relevant so you can create content that interest readers and keeps them coming back to read more. Maintaining a blog will motivate you to research new things relevant to your business and share it with your readers. One of the best ways to ensure you learn something is by teaching it to someone else and you’re doing just that with every blog post.


Blogging will benefit your design business by adding a voice to your brand. Having a personalized voice behind your brand gives your business a trustworthy feel and readers a chance to learn more about you and your business. It can be difficult developing a personal connection with readers that you may never  met face-to-face, but blogging can help you build this connection because your post allow them to see your personality and the authenticity of your business. Blogging can also connect you with others in your industry, which can be exciting when you’re an entrepreneur.


How does blogging benefit your design business? Tell me about your blogging experience!

Ariana Nicole
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