How Working Full-Time Actually Improves My Side Hustle

It’s no secret that we are the generation of the “side hustle”. A Pew Research study confirms that ‘many to most’ Millennials desire to start their own business and 27 % of them are now self employed. Being the boss is a growing trend and the internet is filled with all types of “Ways to Quit Your Day Job”. Though the ultimate goal is to one day work for myself, I must say that I’m in no rush to stop working full-time. I absolutely LOVE my job and being an employee has actually helped me grow in design and entrepreneurship.


1. It has refined my juggling skills

Working at a marketing agency, I quickly learned there’s never a dull moment. There is always something to be done and new projects are constantly coming in. This means I could be designing a website one minute, then creating a logo design the next…you just never know! Having to constantly shift gears has taught me how to be more intentional with my time and design more quickly. There are only but so many hours during the week that I have to dedicate to my side hustle, since I do work during the day. My full-time job has trained me to manage this time more efficiently and even improved my multi-tasking skills. I can successfully design for clients without neglecting other “side hustle duties”, like promoting my work and maintaining the blog.


2. It has taught me to mind the “little things”

How you name your work files and the system you use to organize them can directly affect how you work. It may seem like a minor (or even tedious) task, but over the long run it makes a big difference. Knowing exactly where your files are located is key to staying organized and ultimately working faster. It also makes working with others a lot easier. If you ever decide to expand your side hustle into a full-on business, it’s critical that your employees are able to find the files that they need (without having to ask you where they are every 5 minutes).


3. It has given me new client perspective

Before starting my full-time job, one of my biggest frustrations as a side hustler was dealing with unresponsive clients. I would often take their lack of communication personally and assume they just didn’t care about the project (or me for that matter). As designers, it can be easy to get so wrapped up in a project to the point where we forget clients still have lives and other things to focus on. My day job has helped me see outside this “bubble”. I’ve come realized not every client is purposefully unresponsive and sometimes flexibility is more important than deadlines.



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4. It has taught me new design skills

One of the best perks from working at my job is that I have unlimited access to! There are so many resourceful lessons available through this program that cover a wide range of topics. Not only have I developed new design and software skills by watching the tutorials, but I’ve also learned quite a bit about entrepreneurship and marketing. This platform has been a huge benefit to my side hustle and ultimately helped me grow as a designer. Additionally, I’ve also learned a great deal just working alongside other designers with varying niches and backgrounds.


5. It has inspired my side hustle

Everyday I go to work and everyday I have to create something new. It’s a challenge, but I love it. And I’ll admit, when I first started my job it was difficult. I was constantly racking my brain (and searching Pinterest) to come up with new ideas, but eventually new ideas started to come naturally. Now creating so much during the day keeps me inspired to design for my side hustle at night. Being creative is like anything else in life – the more often you push yourself to do it, the better at it you will be.


Being creative is like anything else in life: the more often you do it, the better you'll be Click To Tweet


6. It has provides financial stability

This one is pretty much a given because any source of additional income is always a plus! Working full-time gives me more creative freedom with my side hustle. I can work on the type of projects I truly enjoy instead of taking on just any project to pay the bills.


So what’s your day job? How has working full-time helped you grow in your side hustle?

Ariana Nicole
  • I definitely agree! I work in retail full time in addition to my side hustle. It does make me better with my time and being more productive. Though at times I wish I had more time to put into my business, financially it is beneficial for me to still work full time. Plus working in retail has taught my a lot about sales and marketing which helps me with my business.

    June 27, 2017 at 4:05 pm

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