Danza Cultura is a rebranding project for a local community dance company, The Carolinas Latin Dance Company. The exhibition was displayed in the PNG: People Need Graphics | BFA Senior Exhibition, Fall 2013.

The design process began with the creation of a new logo and identity for the company. I wanted to create an identity that stood out from the other Latin dance companies in the Charlotte area, so I completely threw out the idea of the typical man and woman dancing as a logo design option. I wanted something eye catching, that gave the feeling of dance movements while still preserving the Latin American vibes. The forms and shapes that the dresses make when the traditional Latina dancers move was a big influence on my logo design. I ended up with a spiral-like form that created a circular pattern similar to the aerial view of the traditional dresses when the dancers spun. My color choices are bright and vibrant to be eye-catching and to mimic the color choices in Latin design. From there I created the website, using circular and spiral-like figures to reiterate the logo design while carrying out the theme of motion. Similarly, I had the same goals in designing the infographic posters and especially the advertising video. Even in the construction of my installation I strived for motion, using a lightweight, movable fabric and a constructed paper mobile that hangs from the ceiling. Additionally, my design involved a lot of photography and video because I felt it was important to show the true face of the company.

Since graduating I have worked with the actual organizationĀ to develop a new logo and website for their existing brand. Be sure to check it out atĀ cldccharlotte.org!


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