One Year and Counting – Tips for New Bloggers

Last month marked one full year since starting my design blog, and to celebrate, I’ve created a list of tips for new bloggers. These tips are the things I’ve personally found helpful for starting (and maintaining) my blog and ultimately, are things I wish I would’ve known when I got started. Whether you’re considering starting a blog or have had one for some time now, these tips for new bloggers are sure to get you off to the right start.


1. “Give your readers something good.”

At the end of the day, your blog is bound to have a good outcome if you post good, quality content. People want to read the good stuff, so make sure that’s what you’re giving them. Ask yourself, “Is it something I would want to take the time to read?” Make sure your readers have something to take away from your posts, whether it be new insight, inspiration or freebie. Speaking of free, be sure to check out resources on the blog, a library with a variety of resources for freelance designers.


2. “Stylize your writing.”

I’m sure my designers know this, but visual hierarchy is key to getting people to read your blog. Stylizing the text in posts adds appeal and makes it easier for people to read your writing. Create large, emphasized headers and utilize pull out quotes. Add character to your writing with bold, italicized and underlined styles. Most importantly, embrace the negative space – give your words plenty of room to breathe so people can read your writing fluidly. This means separating large chunks of texts into paragraphs and allowing for plenty of room in the margins, especially on a mobile device. Last year, over 60% lifestyle readers spent their time online via mobile phone as oppose to desktop.


3. “Get ready to do time.”

No matter what type of blogger you are, it’s guaranteed you have to spend time creating content for your blog. Unfortunately, posts don’t just write themselves and information won’t just fall onto the page. It takes time to grow your blog to where you want it to be. One of the best tips for new bloggers is to remember blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. So if you’re a little impatient (like me) just keep in mind that time flies when you’re having fun. Write about topics that really interest you and focus on quality over quantity. Also, be sure to set a blogging schedule that’s reasonable for you so you will post consistently.



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4. “Over post what you publish.”

When you publish something new, tell people about it – over and over and over again. It’s okay to post content on social media multiple times. In fact, it’s in the best interest of your blog because each time you post on social media, you increase your chances of reaching someone new. This is one of the tips for new bloggers I definitely  wish I could’ve told myself a year ago. Just make sure you’re posting at times that are most appropriate for your audience. You work hard to create content for your blog. Post repeatedly and make sure people know about it.


5. “Reach out to others.”

As a new blogger, it can be a little intimidating reaching out to other bloggers, but there’s no need to be shy. Bloggers are usually excited to hear from you because it lets them know that you’re reading their stuff. Just think of how you would want others to interact with your blog – following you on social media and sharing new posts. These are all great ways to show your support. Just like you want your audience to reach out and share your content, other bloggers appreciate when you do the same. Commenting under posts is another great way to be supportive and even push traffic back to your site (when you leave your blog link). All in all, the blogging community is friendly and when you show support, others generally do the same. This being said, let’s be blogging buddies – send me a tweet with a link to your blog!


6. “Don’t forget to read.”

Sometimes new bloggers are so busy writing, they can forget how important it is to take the time to read. It’s always a good idea to read your own blog for content quality and spellcheck, but it’s also beneficial to read other blogs besides your own. Reading other people’s blogs exposes you to new ideas, perspectives, and writing styles; it’s an overall great source of inspiration. Reading more in general can also improve your writing skills. It’s no secret that reading and writing go hand-in-hand! Look for blogs in your niche that you enjoy reading and take note of why you like reading them so much. Strive to give your visitors a similar experience when reading your posts.


Now it’s your turn to share! What are some tips you’ve learned as a new blogger?

Ariana Nicole
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