Sasha’s Natural Hair Salon – Brand Design

Sasha’s Natural Hair Salon caters to women with natural, curly hair who want their hair to be healthy and sassy. Being an advocate for natural hair myself, I was excited to get started working on this project! Sasha’s isn’t your everyday salon – they stand out among the other salons because they do more than just hair, they transform women by bringing out their confidence and sass with beautiful hair styling. When coming up with descriptive words to describe Sasha’s feminine, classy, glamorous, and bold immediately came to mind – and of course I wanted to incorporate all them into the brand. To start, I created a mood board with images that I felt best represented the salon and the type of women Sasha’s caters to.

Sasha’s Mood Board


Sasha's Mood Board


With the mood board and color palette complete, the next step was to design a logo for Sasha’s. The goal behind this project was to create a clean and timeless logo that appeals to women who want a stylist that specializes in natural curly styles. Since Sasha’s is such a unique creative business, the everyday “scissors” or “brush” icon wasn’t going to cut it for their logo design. Sasha’s logo needed to make a bold statement and have its own unique symbol that separated it from other natural hair salons and to me there’s no better way to represent such a salon than with a iconic, curly hair symbol.


Sasha’s Logo Design




I added the logo and variations to the brand style guide, along with the color palette, patterns and images from the mood board. With everything collected in one place, the look and feel of the brand really started to come together.


Sasha’s Brand Style Guide




Lastly, Sasha’s Natural Hair Salon needed collateral materials that represented their brand and marketed their services. Business cards, public signage and shopping bags worked great as promotional materials for this creative business because these items directly targeted Sasha’s ideal clientele.


Sasha’s Collateral Designs


Sasha's Business Cards Sasha's Business Card Design Sasha's Logo DesignSasha's Logo Design


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