One Year and Counting – Tips for New Bloggers

Last month marked one full year since starting my design blog, and to celebrate, I’ve created a list of tips for new bloggers. These tips are the things I’ve personally found helpful for starting (and maintaining) my blog and ultimately, are things I wish I would’ve known when I got started. Whether you’re considering starting a blog or have had one for some time now, these tips for new bloggers are sure to get you off to the right start.


Just Get Started: Simple Solutions to Overcome Blogger’s Block

For a designer, maintaining a blog can be challenging because graphic design requires us to think and communicate in terms of visuals, and writing for a blog is just the opposite. It’s important to post often and consistently if you want readers to read and share your content, but this can be a challenge if you have a hard time getting started. Sometimes the pressure to create “the perfect post” can leave you stuck with where to begin.