Aerial CLT – Brand Design

Aerial CLT is a dance, yoga and circus arts studio based in Charlotte, NC. They’re a fun and interactive studio that offers a variety of classes for anyone looking for a new way to get fit. When starting this project, it was important that I incorporated the movements of aerial dance in the design. Watching the dancers in action brought specific words to mind such as graceful, fluid, energetic, peaceful and active. These words describe the exact emotions I wanted to communicate with the Aerial CLT brand.



Sasha’s Natural Hair Salon – Brand Design

Sasha’s Natural Hair Salon caters to women with natural, curly hair who want their hair to be healthy and sassy. Being an advocate for natural hair myself, I was excited to get started working on this project! Sasha’s isn’t your everyday salon – they stand out among the other salons because they do more than just hair, they transform women by bringing out their confidence and sass with beautiful hair styling. When coming up with descriptive words to describe Sasha’s feminine, classy, glamorous, and bold immediately came to mind – and of course I wanted to incorporate all them into the brand. To start, I created a mood board with images that I felt best represented the salon and the type of women Sasha’s caters to.