The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Your Website

It’s a little bittersweet that there are so many different WordPress plugins available to us. On one hand, it’s great that there is a variety of options out there; if one plugin doesn’t work out you can just find another. But on the other hand, it can be time consuming and frustrating to search, install, activate, test and deactivate what seems like an endless amount of plugins. Even with their plugin description and 5-star rating system, it’s sometimes difficult to know if a WordPress plugin will be fully functional with your website. Then there’s the question of which plugins do you really need? Yes, there is a plugin for everything but if you literally use a plugin for everything you run the risk of slowing down your website and possibly a headache from dealing with miscellaneous issues that arise from conflicting plugins. So what are some of the best plugins to use when getting started in WordPress? Use this list to discover the best free WordPress plugins for your website.


Child Themify – when designing in WordPress, you’ll want to be sure you’re using a child theme to customize your website. This plugin creates child themes for you, saving you the trouble of creating one manually.


Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd – this plugin creates a landing page for people who visit the website before it’s finished being developed. It’s extremely customizable, has sharing buttons and collects subscribe info from visitors.


Anti-Spam by CleanTalk – this is definitely one of the first WordPress plugins you’ll want to install on your website. It does exactly as it says: stops spam.


WPBackItUp – There’s no worse feeling than discovering you’ve made permanent changes to your website and have no way of fixing them. Use this plugin to back-up your site and remember to do it often.


W3 Total Cache – use this plugin to maximize site speed and download times. A faster loading website can improve both number of visitors and SEO.


WP Smush – Optimizing images is another way to improve your website speed. This WordPress plugin collectively optimizes all your images and will compress new ones automatically.


Enable Media Replace – If the file names in your media library look anything like the ones below, this is one of the top WordPress plugins for you.🙃  Instead of having to upload multiple files you can simply overwrite an old file with the new one using this plugin.





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Jetpack – this plugin is basically a bundle deal. It has traffic and SEO tools, security and backup services, additional customization settings, and more! Personally I like using this plugin because it displays my site stats and analytics right on my WordPress dashboard.


Yoast SEO – this plugin is good for improving your website’s SEO. The page analysis tool checks to make sure each page is best optimized for search engines. It also creates XML sitemaps and submits them to Google and Bing automatically. 😱🙌🏾


Members – if you have multiple people updating your website, this plugin can help you control who has access to what on the backend.


Duplicate Post – this simple plugin really comes in handy when you need to create pages and posts with similar layouts. Rather than copying and pasting or starting from scratch, you can create a replica at the click of a button!


Visual Form Builder – easily the best FREE contact form plugin I’ve ever used. It’s user-friendly, customizable and has a wide variety of field options including file uploads.


Tiny MCE Spellcheck – this plugin adds a spellcheck button right in your editor, so you can create error-free posts and pages.


Redirection – when you transfer a website to a new domain, you want to make sure your visitors make it to your new home and not a 404 page. This plugin creates redirects for you that automatically sends visitors to the right place.


Broken Link Checker -There’s nothing more anti-climatic than clicking a link that takes you nowhere. Use this plugin to scan your website for broken links, missing images or redirect issues.


So that’s my list of the top most resourceful WordPress plugins that have helped me the most! What are some of your favorite plugins to use?

Ariana Nicole
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