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Wandering Arts Collective – Web Design

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

That “journey” that Emerson refers to is exactly what the contributors of Wandering Arts Collective (or WAC) strives to share with their words. WAC is comprised of a relentless bunch; each offering their own unique perspectives and experiences. The blog provides a space for writers to express themselves freely through a variety of topics like music, love, travel, politics, relationships and more. It is an enclave of thinkers and dreamers who use writing as an outlet for their artistic restlessness. And although the group of writers knew exactly what they wanted to write about, they battled with how the blog should look to attract their ideal readers. See how my web design helped transform the Wandering Arts Collective blog into a website you could spend hours on, just scrolling aimlessly and wandering through all types of interesting reads.


Color Palette:
Wandering Arts Collective already had a logo designed and mainly used black and white as their brand colors. As classic as that combo is, they needed some vivid color to help reflect their expressive, free-spirited style. I expanded the WAC color palette by adding navy blue, gravel gray and traffic yellow. The gray and blue create a balance between the stark two main colors and the yellow adds an exciting pop of color to the brand. It’s also the same shade of yellow as a traffic light; symbolic of roaming and traveling.



Mood Board:
The mood board for Wandering Arts Collective looks exactly like its name; a collection of artistic views and expression with a sense of wander. Images like the newspaper (reading) and typewriter (writing) represent the blog in a literal sense while others, like the pencils and the clouds, are a little more abstract. Wandering Arts Collective gives writers space to express their perspectives and opinions, even when they might conflict. The black and white pencils show contrast and illustrate what two opposing views look like when they work in harmony together. This is the Wandering Arts Collective. Additionally, the clouds are symbolic of the act of wandering. They move aimlessly around the sky as your thoughts do too when you watch them.



Web Design:
Following along with the aimlessness theme, I chose a template that allows users to scroll endlessly through posts in any category. It was important to the WAC team that the blog was easy to share on social media and simple to navigate, both for readers and writers. Squarespace offers the perfect platform for Wandering Arts Collective because it’s super user-friendly with an interface that’s easy to use and integrates all your social media accounts in one place. The brand for the blog can be best described as cleantimeless, and dynamic. It helps distinguish Wandering Arts Collective from similar blogs and appeals to those with a sense to wander. Visit the blog and see for yourself!

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Ariana Nicole
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